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Starters Soya

Main Course

Poultry Dishes

Vegetable Dishes

Home Style Dishes

All dishes served with Chicken, Lamb, Beef or Duck.

Tandoori Dishes dairysoya

Traditional Dishes soya

(Tradtional dishes can be based on a choice of chicken, lamb, prawn, chicken tikka or King prawn) (Chicken tikka £1 extra, King Prawn £5 extra, Lamb £2 extra)

Biryani soya

A truly majestic dish with special basmati rice treated together with lamb, chicken prawn or vegetable in ghee butter with delicate spices & herbs, served with vegetable curry to add to the taste of the dish.

Lamb Dishes

Seafood Dishes

Sundries soya

Side Dishes soya

Rice Dishes soya

(Basmati rice flavoured with saffron, ghee, cardamon, cinnamon and bay leaves)

English Dishes soyaegg

Allergy Note

Although extra care is taken during preparation, our dishes may still contain ingredients that may affect. We cannot guarantee that dishes are allergy-free. Please ask our staff if you have any allergy or intolerance.

Management reserves the right to refuse or cancel the order.